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Carvin 747? Anyways... this one:

Thinking about unloading this thing and getting something a bit more pointy. Great guitar. Plays and sounds great! Frets are in great shape. Just not really my thing. Not really a fan of the shape or the Carvin neck size and shape.
The finish isn't the greatest. Looks good but I didn't really care about getting it perfect since I was originally just planning on using it for experimenting with different colors.
The only things "wrong" with it are the sperzel tuner for the low B is missing the little screwy deal that locks the string in. No big deal, really. Just wrap the string like normal. And the control cavity cover is missing. The original owner found it and is suppose to mail it to me but I'm not holding my breath waiting. If it shows up, I'll send it out.

Alder body wings, maple neck, alder veneer on the headstock, ebony board... etc.

No case but I do have a gig bag I'll throw in.

$350 + shipping to the continental US. Paypal is preferred. No trades.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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