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Chris Lasegue (Jag Panzer) solo song.

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Pretty good stuff!
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that is some pretty good playing!
yes it is!
he's got a great vibrato
I like how all the bro0tal metal do0ds are closet melodic folks. Sounded great.
^ Yeah, melody rules. I don't know many metalheads that don't like a good melody actually, besides the ones that are really into atonal stuff.
I saw Jag Panzer's first show with him. He played Broderick's solos with no issues.
Hey, guys...

I'm new to this forum, so this is my first post. Looking forward to talking with you all!
Thanks for the comments on the song/video. When I wrote this, I wanted to focus on melody and yes, vibrato! I guess I was thinking more "Eric Johnson" than "Yngwie"!

Also, I have a new song released on the compilation CD "Shredding Across The World, Volume 3", on Shredguy Records. It's available at, and some other places. It's definitely more shred-oriented, with plenty of 8-finger tapping, crazy arpeggios, mode changes, and harmonized passages. By the way, it's called "M-18".

We're working on the new Jag Panzer album right now! It's going to be pretty heavy, with a darker vibe. We're pretty excited about it!

Take care!
Hey Chris, welcome aboard! :wavey:
Welcome dude!:)
Welcome aboard. More instrumental stuff please!

I'm going to have to mirror Lee's request, you should definitively consider doing more instrumental pieces. I'm looking forward to hearing the new Jag Panzer too though.
:welcome: :wavey:

Cool stuff man, looking forward to more stuff like this
Sounds cool, but i wonder, does Chris have any faster, more intense material? Instrumental or otherwise.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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