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Chris Vs. Steve 2009: Round 1 in pictures

Place: Rowley CC
Holes: 9
Date: 5/15
Record: Steve 4-0-1 vs Chris 0-4-1

Round 1 of this most sacred of events is over, and here are some highlights.

8:30AM... What's better than a day at the links? Well, how about not one, not two, but THREE BMW driving snobs teeing it up together? :lol: Steve's X5, my buddy Josh's M5, and my 328, complete with obligatory coffee cup on the roof. :lol:

And Josh's as well. :D

The combatants. Josh, Steve and my other buddy Joe, who's playing golf for the second time in his life. He did a shitload better than Drew did. :lol:

The gladiators. Stevie The Gun and Quigley The Kidd. Steve's the odds on favorite, but after getting slaughtered the first 3 matches last season, I battled my way back to close the season out with a tie.

Joe's excited!

Steve tees it up on 1:

And unloads his second:


The 'Kid:

One of Steve's shots goes a bit off course:

As the match went on, the weather got nicer. Ended up being a gorgeous day.

A gorgeous day... For morning beers. :drew:

And some turkey. Gobble gobble.

Ever see someone execute a PIT Maneuver in a golf cart? I have mad skills. And this was pretty epic. :lol:

Steve on 7:


Me on 7. Form's not perfect, but my arms are straight and my head's down, and I was rewarded with a Par for my efforts! :yesway:

Joe wasn't, but this course was in great shape.

The card through 8. Steve started off 2-0, but I battled back to 3-2. I couldn't win, but I could play to a tie.

Steve's second shot on 9:

And mine. :(

Steve's third. I'm doomed at this point. :lol:

I go +2, and Steve Pars, giving him the match at 4-2, and bringing his record to 5-0-1. It's a long season, but I concede the victory on this day of days. :mods:

Not exactly epic scores anyway, but it's early in the season and honestly I'm happy to be shooting this well. New driver needs some work, but all in all, a kickass day out. Actually, so kickass that after Steve and Joe left, Josh and I played another 9. :D

The view from the clubhouse. Yeah, iced tea, but you try drinking a 12 pack before noon. :lol:

And of course.. The obligatory Shot O' Snobbery. :D

So our hero goes down in defeat yet again, but the war's not over! :scream2:

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Next time we play for Pinks.

I looked in my bag after the round.....yep, the beer was gone. :(

Great round.

Rear Quarter Panel Bump and Spinout on Hole #7.
Beer at 8am
Turkeys on 6
Beer at 8:07am
The Sunflower God shitting on Chris' ball in the fairway.
Beer at various points from 8:20 to 11:30am.
Sunflower seed gunshot holes, Tupac Style, on Josh and Joe's Cart window.
Loaded HotdiggityDog.
Beating Chris once again. Will the Kidd ever win? Stay tuned.

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What the fuck is that? :lol:
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