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Brought the Recto home from practice last night to give it a little TLC. I discovered a common problem among rectifiers when I opened it last week to convert the effects loop to series. The screen grid resistors have roasted the PCB! I am pretty sure it was already like this from a previous owner but I have been using JJ E34L's so there is a pretty good chance that I was only making it worse. :lol: Good news is the resistors are Ok and the traces also seem to be Ok even though they look kinda bad. I ohmed it all out and everything is working as it should. I did clean it up and reflow some solder onto the resistors. I've also ordered some Mesa branded 6l6's so this won't be a concern anymore. I'll probably eventually get the Winged C EL34s but it's been a while since I tried 6l6s in a Mesa and all the comparisons i've watched makes me lean towards liking the 6l6's more.

Figured i'd share a few pics.

Looks kinda shady... :ugh:

Slightly less shady...

Might as well clean of some dust while i'm at it. I put the JJ's back in for safe keeping until the 6l6's get here.

Then I replaced the aluminum tape (that was wrinkled, torn, and coming off)

and finally, I cleaned up the tolex as best as I could. Considered putting the original badge back on but the green badge and lamp just look too rad together.

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