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I'm getting an Olympus e600 DSLR for christmas, and my options for storage are really only limited to two formats, CF, and Micro SDs. It actually is supposed to take either CF or xD cards, but xD cards are stupidly expensive (8gb for $70) and almost no one carries them anymore because the formats been pretty much dead for a while now.

So I can use a CF, an 8gb one is comparable to an 8gb SD card. Or I can buy an xD adapter that takes Micro SDHC cards. No matter what, i'll be spending roughly the same price on the memory cards. I tried looking looking through google to see if there are any advantages of one format over the other, and can't find any real data or opinions.

Does anyone have any info or opinions on this matter?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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