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It all started out so easy. Something other than boring old black.

Little did I know...

that there might just be no turning back from this ledge.

I've done it. I've fr00ted.

I'm scared. Hold me.

Help me out guys, I am afraid I'll be trading all of my black guitars (3/3) for swirls and bengal stripes if I let this disease catch hold of me. I just think this pickup looks damn cool. Swapped out the New7 bridge pickup in my RG7620 for an Evolution 7 (thanks for all the advice, guys). I sound tested it and damn, this guitar is awake. Lots of midrange crunch and snap, and the middle series position has a bit of quacky character now.

I tried to clean up the control cavity wiring a little bit while soldering everything - Ibanez did an even worse job than Gibson laying wires in. The two sets of wires grounded to the pot were all twisted together and soldered in one big nasty jumble, so I separated them and tacked them down in pairs, which will make pickup changes easier if I decide to do the neck or swap the bridge again. Showed a few pictures of my process, as much as I could take pictures while soldering :lol:

Banjomikez even sent me stickers of two of my favorite gearmancers and a fr00t string winder. How did he know?

My Jewish friends always get scared when I circumscribe a wire like this. What gives?

Not the best job with this red wire, but it'll do, pig.

Done! Thanks for reading! :metal:
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That's hideous. Awesome! :lol:

You DO need something more obnoxious in the neck, though. I'm thinking red or purple.
Angel, are you sure you didn't maybe have it in parallel? Prior to the X2N7, the Evo7 was the hottest Dimarzio 7 on the market.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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