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I've been badgering my fellow string slinger in my band to convert to 7's so that he doesn't have to play our singer's crappy Dean Crapocaster to play in Bb, while simultaneously loosing his inner upper-register noodle. He has relented. :devil:

Wants to sell his Ibanez VBT700 V-Blade and get a 7.

Likes the Loomis but hates sig guitars, so I pointed him to the regular Hellraiser. Since he likes V's, I also showed him the Korina fixed bridge Schecter V at DGCL. He hates active pickups, so we have to hack some Duncans or DiMarzios in if he goes Schecter.

This almost feels like an NGD for me. :p
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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