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Hey guys I've posted this on the jp forum/jemsite, my username is Andelusion on there, I haven't been a member here for long but if you want to check my authenticity then just send me a message on either of those places and I'll confirm who I am. The following is copy/pasted from those forums :)

I recently sold my JSX as it wasn't getting used and replaced it with an Axe-FX Ultra, I now have my Cornford 4x12 up for grabs as im going to go down the PA & monitor route with my Axe-FX, so have no need for it any more.

It's in mint condition, no damage anywhere, never been gigged, sounds absolutely huge, solid pine, vintage 30 speakers, closed back, locking jack at the back, looks seriously cool with a vintage vibe. I can't really imagine a more solid, better built cab than this.

Here's a pic of it with my JSX from a while ago:

I'm asking £450, these are £700 new and mine is mint.

Collection only as this thing weighs a tonne, I have no idea if any couriers will take it, but if you know any wiser and want to buy it then feel free to contact me and we'll sort something out. My eBay user ID is Andelusion, check me out on there - I've got 100% positive feedback.

Thanks for looking!
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