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Crap - Wheel Bearing

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SO my 02 Civic SI got a bad wheel bearing. I took it to the dealer and they quoted me a price of like $236. I don't have a bearing press so I thought no big deal really.

So I take my car in 2 days later to get it fixed (they had to order the bearing) and when they go to start tearing it down they cant get the old bearing out because it basically fused with the axle. :noplease:

So now i basically have to replace the whole right axle assembly. Honda OEM right axle shaft alone is over 1 grand :nuts: I am putting an aftermarket one in for about 1/10th that price but unfortunately that plus the other parts and labor will add up to $1000 bucks. (Versus 2k for Honda parts...)

Ive had this car forever and have been wanting to trade in before I had to start putting money into it but my wife isn't working now and money is a bit tight so adding the additional expense of a new car payment now just doesnt make sense. I would have much rather have spent that 1k on a down payment for a new ride..

I cant really complain tho as I have had this car for 10 years and at 136k miles this is the first work I have had done to it apart from regular maintenance.
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I cannot speak to Honda, but the job is not that hard on VW; I've done it on a '96 GTI VR6, '97 Jetta 2.0L, and '00 Passat V6. There are plenty of machine shops that will press the bearing into the race for cheap (around $30-40). Re-manufactured axle assembles don't run that much, either.

2002-2005 Honda Civic Axle Assembly - A1 Cardone 60-4121 - Front, Passenger Side

It's an afternoon, and you probably need a puller to remove the hub from the CV joint (you can "rent" the tool free from AutoZone), but it is really only an afternoon job. Shops charge standard rates for work, based upon a time schedule, which is around four hours for the job. I guarantee you they do it in 90min or less.
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If I can drop and reinstall an entir erear end from an rx7 in a sharp granite gravel driveway in an hour, you can do that in an afternoon :lol:
When I did the front drivers wheel bearing on my 635csi the inner race was stuck to the shaft... I pulled out my Dremel, put a cutting wheel on it and sliced the inner race on one side basically down to the axle... It popped right off after that.
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