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Custom Mini Guitars
A couple months ago I got a miniature guitar from Seb - It looked really nice:) but could be better.
So I thought of a great idea - if he would raise the quality of the miniatures they could be sold for a good price - because there is no mini guitars custom shop - so it would be first.
After a couple months when the guitars got better I wrote to Seb about making a Miniature Guitars Custom Shop, he thought it's a great idea, so after making a website our Custom Shop is open !:D
The guitars are handmade from good wood veneer so the "wood" looks realistic. We mainly make 6/7 string guitars, but bass guitars are also available. We can make left handed guitars :yesway:
Just like a "regular" custom shop we offer different guitar shapes - just what you want , some like "strats" are smaller than lets say "V's" but we keep the hardware/pickups/bridges in the same scale - that way our guitars look good when next to each other.
The prices start from 10$.

Please check our website: Custom Mini Guitars - Home, News - Mini Guitar Custom Shop, Order Your Custom Mini Guitars - - Custom Mini Guitars

Some of our recent builds:

Our fretwork is better than some real custom shops :yesway:

If anyone would be interested, please send a private message to Sebastian, or email - [email protected]

Thank You :)

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are they playable :lol:

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Thank you all for the interest in mini guitars :)

I would like to show you some recent "Mustaine King V" builds - one person ordered 3 guitars - he requested the guitars to be thicker, and that will be a standard option now.

Check it out Megadeth fans !

Rust in Peace :headbang:

"Painted" Pickups

Megadeth Logo

"Broken Mirror" - a great looking finish

The thickness of the New Guitars compared to the "old" one's

The body is 2-3 times thicker which equals better quality.

The price of the new thick guitars from 7E/10$

Thin guitars are also available now as Refrigerator Magnets price 5$

Thank You

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This looks like a great buisness opportunity for you guys. With the detail on those, im sure theyd easily go for 30-50 once your customer base grows :agreed:
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