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So, these guys went through the same program in college as me, but a couple years off from me, but I knew them the whole time really, because they were in bands around here at the time, and I always loved the various bands they were in. I hadn't really heard this new band yet, but when I saw who it was, I went to check them out without question.

Fucking solid as fuck live band, catchy tunes, and great playing from all members. Their own songs are excellent, and they pulled out a few great covers too. Their cover of "Fat Bottom Girls" was epically flawless. Literally nailed the vocal harmonies, and while the lead vocals weren't quite Freddie Mercury, the traded-off guitar solo was incredible. The main guitarist, Lance, is a great guitarist, with excellent tone, and every solo he took was very tasteful, and yet fresh sounding. And Eric, the bassist, picked up a guitar for a couple of songs (the singer/guitarist switching to bass) and busted out some flat-out amazing leads himself (including on "Fat Bottom Girls"). The other covers they did were "Fuck You" (originally by Cee Lo Green) and "Sabotage" (originally by Beastie Boys) and both were solid and amazing too.

Edit: tour's done, album is on iTunes, BUY IT!
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