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Dimarzio Evo black f spaced bridge

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Hey kids! I've ended up with an extra Dimarzio Evo bridge I'm not going to use. It is black and f spaced.

Whoever had the pickup before me shortened the leads quite a bit. I would say there are 3-4 inches of lead on it. Probably enough to get to your pots, but not much wiggle room! Steve Blucher of Dimarzio once told me the less lead you can have, the better, as all that extra wire (even in a shielded cavity) is just a big antenna for noise. I trust the man! It has also been used quite a bit by the previous owner and has a little wear and a few teeny tiny spots of corrosion on the pole pieces.

$40 shipped and it's all yours!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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