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Doing-up a crappy Guitar

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Hi I have an crapy Spectrum guitar (im guessing its made of alder) and want to add a new pickup (it only takes one) a warmoth neck and some new electronics like wires and stuff,im not sure if its worth it though; would i be better just buying another guitar? (i also have an ESP)

What i want to do:

-Add new Lace Alumintone aluma Hero Pickup
-Add new warmoth Vortex Neck
-Use hydro-graphic film (red snakeskin) to do the finish
-Redo electronics (i need suggestions for this)


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I'll always say use what you have to make what you want. Then again, it depends on the hardware on the guitar too. No point putting a slick neck and quality electronics and pickups only for the thing to never hold tune, break strings constantly and suck the depth out of your tone due to a crappy bridge. Then by the time you buy the new hardware and everything else, you've spent as much as buying a warmoth body or better quality secondhand body with hardware attached.

Me personally if I were in a similar situation, would either buy a whole guitar or purchase better quality parts including a body if I wanted something unique or to fill a particular need.
I'd say go with it man, for the money youre spending to make that spectrum custom to your specs, you're probably not gonna get something that would be to your specs like that would!
If you dig the guitar, definitely go for it. I spent a pile on a crappy old Ibanez EX that I've had forever. The thing isn't worth a damn thing to anyone but me, but I enjoy playing it a ton.

Give it hell. :yesway:
I say go for it man:) but you might want to upgrade more stuff like idk if you are going to use the old bridge but you might have to basically build your own guitar sort of thing but if it sounds good to you man thats all that matters
Thanks everyone for the advice and i have decided to get an old Ibanez RG 350 or 550 body and do it up (allot better than the spectrum) with new everything except im going to buy an Ibanez loaded pickguard for the time being until i have enough for a Lace.

Can't go wrong with a 350/550 in my opinion. Another option is the old RG450 (not the later models), made in Japan like the RG550 with an edge trem if it comes with it, and a standard neck pocket without AANJ or a super access angle like the earlier 550. They're cheap too if you can come across one.

Ibanez Catalogs
Ok thanks ill check it out

Copie210 :shred:
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