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Don't know if there are any other Yearning fans here...

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R.I.P. Juhani Palomäki

Juhani Palomäki's musical career, including the composition of eight full-length albums for Yearning and Colosseum, has ended as he was found deceased on Saturday 15th May 2010.

His final composition, Colosseum's recently recorded third album, Chapter 3: Parasomnia, shall be released as planned, in order to honour Juhani's memory.

This also marks the end of Colosseum as a band, but Juhani's musical genius and artistic integrity shall nevertheless forever live on, both on his records and in our hearts.

We have lost a brilliant musician and a true friend, who will be greatly missed not only by us, but by his loved ones and countless people all around the world who have been touched by his art.

Farewell, Juhani. May you rest in peace.

I loved his vocals and the bands. Very unique sound and extremely under rated.

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