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I've bought and sold a few things here, and a few over at My ebay id is deadringerswhispers. I'm in La Grande, Oregon 97850.

I've got a very clean EB/MM John Petrucci signature six string in Pearl Redburst. I got it about a year ago off ebay and it's a great guitar. It just doesn't get enough use to keep it. I'm a shitty photographer but would be happy to take more shots / close ups upon request. It's been played but it's in really good shape. I'm not seeing any chips, cracks, or dents in the finish anywhere.

Here's a few pics. Again, I know I suck with a camera.

For price I'm looking to get $1600 obo Paypal'd & shipped in the Con us. If you're outside the Con US you'll have to let me get you a quote.

I'd also consider the following items in trade.

Mackie HD1221
Mesa 2:90
Matrix Power Amps
USA Jackson Soloists
Medium to Hi end Ibanez
Mesa Heads
Mid to Hi end Acoustics

Surprise me, sometimes I don't know what I want until I see it and the GAS strikes. LOL.:agreed:

I'm open to negotiating with cash going either direction if the right deal came along.
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