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Electra Westone Phoenix X199....My First guitar.

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So After 6 fucking years of trying to find out what it was I Finally found out the exact model and I wish I would have kept it now.


same specs it had Push-Pull knobs HSH pickups set neck "Bendmaster" trem. Looked like the one in that page but it was the blueburst

God I fucking miss that thing.

P.S. if you want to know what happened to it read on :lol:

A Short history of my Electra/Westone:

I Bought it for $199 from a local music shop here in Florida guy told me it was a "Custom" Paint job, Didn't believe the fat fuck, since the guitar was only $199 anyways I bought it anyways as I liked the Blue burst on it :lol: had it for about 8 months trying to learn to play with it, then got pissed off at my mom, was 17 at the time, and threw it through my bedroom wall and cracked the headstock and then sold it for 25$

which I am regretting doing now, :noplease: But I was young and stupid.
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:metal: awesome, and yeah i found one same color as mine on ebay right now for 275$ I'm going to be keeping watch for when i have money to hopfully pick one up.

Also how do you know so much about them?
After getting an Electra by luck, I found that rivercityamps site. From there I created the wiki page and then me and the Electra forum CEO copied a lot of info off the site onto it.
Awesome. I know a guy down here said his first guitar was a Westone, the V thing they had.

I was also looking at the Modulues guitars thy had and the boxes you could buy to put in them to have effects out of the guitar its self.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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