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EMG to finally makes passive sized pups???

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Caught this over at

So i was on my facebook and i saw that EMG was logged in. So i sent them an IM asking to make passive sized pickups but still active, and check out the response!

(please ignore everything else going on in the picture)

incase you cant see that...

So uhm.. Is it time to rejoice? Hopefully they put them in all the guitar from the factory too!
Please, lets discuss this.
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That's nice to hear, but I doubt it will change anything. EMG has a vested interest in providing the oddball pickup size to OEMs, since it then makes moving away from the pickups problematic. If you make it harder on the end user to change pickups, then most will not bother, hopefully with the outcome becoming a player who moves to EMG. It's basic marketing.
Why do they care if you move away from them... you have already bought them, and they've already spent your money.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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