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Good news, Everyone!
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There's a sexy guitar on eBay that I would like to make mine.

as such, these pickups must go!

all are quick-connect, and will include the wire, and if you ask for electronics, I will supply them (within reason)

Prices all include conus shipping.

EMG 85 - $45
EMG SA - $30 each (I have 3)
EMG S - $30
SD Blackout Neck (6-string) - $50
SD Blackout Neck (7-string, Passive-sized) - $55

Various junk pickups, for rewinding or other, all have metal baseplates:

Duncan Designed thing, Black - $14
BC Rich Neck pickup, Cream -$10
No-Name thing - $8
Set of Gotoh Tuning pegs, 6-string Black, Reverse HS, ESP-branded. $35

Set of Grover tuning pegs, 7-string Chrome, Reverse HS, from an Agile Hornet. - $35

Set of import 2-pin tuning pegs,6-string black, forward HS, non-branded (Ping?) - $15

Universe pickguard, H/H V/T config, mirror - $10
Universe pickguard, single hum, tone knob hole only, smoked mirror -$10

Original MIJ Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal, modded to take a 9v power adapter - $60

Pics soon/on request, I made this ad in a hurry when I saw the auction.
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