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ENGL Raider - anyone any experience of this..

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I'm looking for a compact/combo that will slaughter some high gain tones and I like the look of the Raider, however it would be helpful if any of have some hands experience of this combo in terms of tone and reliability?

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Just thought I'd bump this to see if anyone has played one, owns one and what you think about this amp?
I haven't played one of these so sorry I'm not much use to you here. But If you're after a combo that can do awesome high gain, if you like Mesa, the there is a 2nd hand Recto-verb combo in Sounds Great in Cheadle. It seriously slays. I think its £1100 IIRC.

Im looking for a multi-channel combo & im curious about the raider 100. I loved the invader i had, but i would like to stay with a combo format. thoughts on these?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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