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Ernie Ball MusicMan JPX-7 jipped

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So there was a guy on the forum named JPMike who had some decent feedback and such. With me being a newer member I was qualified to send off my guitar of the trade first. 3 weeks later now he says it is supposed to be here and still has not arrived, and stopped answering emails. I never received my BRJ Jekyll 624 that was discussed in the trade.


If you get any info on him let me know.
Until then I can't call him out because the forum has gone under
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts is back, dude. is back, dude.
its still not comin up for me :/
I'm deleting Mike's contact information. It is never appropriate to post someone else's personal data on the Internet, regardless of reason.
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Mike has a steller rep there, I really doubt he'd rip you off.
understand ya Drew, just remove this entirely. its not worth it imo..
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