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I recently picked up a brand new M-II made by the USA shop from a local music store. To the best of my knowledge, there appears to be no laminate neck construction used on ESP guitars, at least not on this type. After a few days of playing, I noticed a very long hair line crack running from the base of the head stock all the way down to the where the body meets the neck.

You'd never visually notice it, but you could feel the slight continuous seam of a separation running vertically and slightly more pronounced in some areas than others. I took it back to where I got it and they gave me no grief and agreed it should be returned. Here's where I got kinda confused: they had another M-II in stock. I considered just exchanging but immediately inspected the neck. It seemed to have more or less the same problem in almost exactly the same way and area, but the grain of the wood on this one looked funny, almost like they glued on another piece on one side of the neck.

I don't think though that such a strange technique would be used, especially knowing how neck lamination is usually done on Ibanez RGs and the like. But then again, I am not a luthier of any type and may not know all the methods. I talked this over with the sales rep helping me and he said it may be something they are doing at the USA shop but also agreed that, if so, its a strange method. The neck though of the M-II I returned did not look at all like any lamination was done, and suspect that the other M-II just had a funny grain pattern.

So, was wondering if anyone here noticed things like that with ESP USA. Posting this more so to just round out my knowledge/have a sanity check in case there is something I am unaware. Also just suprised as well, cause, y'know, its ESP. Thanx.
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