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Eve Online

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Any of you play it? I had a pretty decent character a couple of years back (~6 months of training) but ended up losing interest in it and giving it away to a guy I work with. I just signed up for the 14-day trial again, and am farting around mining and shooting stuff with my newb-cruiser. :lol:

Decent game, albeit not terribly exciting. The guys I know that play it refer to it as "relax-o-blaster".


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I started a new account a couple of weeks ago. I played before for a couple of months and gave my account away as well :lol: (I have a bad habit of giving MMO accounts away)

Anyhoo I am working to a Gallente exploration/mission/droneboat running setup. Right now I am at about 800k SP

couple of good iphone skill tracking apps

Getting your API Details for your EVE Online Account : Capsuleer
:lol: Ive been killing tons of Caldari NPCS I think they might not like me very much now. I will add you ingame and maybe we can hook up.

IF you are looking for some easy cash pick up salvaging and salvage all of your kills after every mission (or during if you can fit a salvager without gimping yourself too much)

Ive made over half a mill isk from level one missions just from salvaging. Add in the isk for the mission, loot and speed bonus and this can add up fairly fast. I probably only play like 2 hours every other day or so and i already have 12 mill isk, and enough skill books to keep me going for a good while.
I played it for a few months a couple years ago, so I'm pretty familiar with the game/economy. I'm around 5M ISK now after only a few days.

I don't think I'm going to last through the trial though, I'm already bored with it. :lol:
I dont blame you really :lol: I'm only playing it as a timekiller (Waiting for Black Prophecy or Jumpgate beta - twitch based ship combat instead of the layed back combat Eve has)

Im starting to think that jumpgate is the new Duke Nukeum tho :(

BP is in beta now (only had 100 people in so far....)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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