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Extreme pain in the right hand for speed

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Good companions, well and wanted to take off the flight of the bumblebee so I decided that I did not have enough speed to play this song so I decided to look for exercises to increase my speed, well then after a few months practicing and practicing these exercises when returning to the song noticed that it was no longer complicated for me but as I spent my time doing these exercises and playing the song, I noticed an extreme pain in my right hand when I wanted to synchronize my speed in my left hand with my right hand with which I played the plectrum,
I have too much speed in the left hand of which my right hand can not continue and when I try to follow the same speed it hurts a lot, not hard nor 1 minute touching at this speed I think they are like 250 bpm in my left hand already with my right the top is like 190, and practiced and practiced for about a year all this flight of the bumblebee and the exercises, a mez I go up 3 bpm then 6 then 12 18 and so I go and nothing still hurts me I have been 1 year like this someone Do you know if I'm doing something wrong? because I move my doll like my whole life to play with the pua, but I was forced to use the full arm to move the pua thing which tires very little but I see that the precision decreases something else when I play on the bridge the hand does not it lasts for 10 seconds at this speed and without the hand on the bridge it lasts much more than with the hand on the bridge.
Does anyone know why this happens? those who manage to play at higher speeds or already dominate this speed, perhaps at the level they are already in, should be played differently? which was before being shered?
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You may be developing tendonitis from playing so fast for so long. Take at least a week off playing and see if things start feeling any better. If it's actually tendonitis you're gonna have to take a longer break, though.

I think I have the same issue as you do with my right hand--If I palm mute fast stuff for too long it starts to hurt, but I can go a long time doing the same thing without palm muting. What kind of bridge does your guitar have? If it's a hardtail that's low to the body, it can make that issue worse for some people. On guitars like that it's more comfortable for me to play with the neck pushed a bit further away from me. Experiment with the angle of your wrist and see what feels the least tense
I currently play on a Tight-End bridge (fixed), of an ibanez prestige rg1451.
What I do now is to play at 2bpm a day, then 4 the next and so on until I reach the month (60bpm) after each mixture increasing from 60 to 200, which is when my hand starts to hurt terribly.
Before arriving at 250bpm, it was a very comfortable bridge, now it makes me hell to reload my hand in the at high speeds.
The weird thing, it does not hurt too much when I move the whole arm to play with the pua, it hurts me much more when I try it with the doll, I keep trying with the doll, looking for a comfortable angle of inclination? Or I already change to play with the whole arm?
Go see a doctor... I have no idea what issue you have but a doctor should be able to tell.

I was practicing a live set for 3 days almost nonstop and then I could barely bend my strings the day after that. I instantly went to a doctor and he confirmed tendonitis and gave me some antiinflammatories and told me to rest at least 2 weeks, not do ANYTHING with my left hand (not even open doors, writing). I had a big festival gig in exactly 2 weeks from that :lol:

I think I stopped right in time and treated it as I was supposed to, so I don't often have any issues by just playing guitar.
However I do not lift heavy stuff with my left hand anymore, last time I did that it came back, but I rested it out once again and I'm fine for the most part. I haven't had any issues in months...

So yeah stop it right there and get it treated
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