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Question for you dudes that use this a lot. I have EZD and DKFH. In flipping though the bajillion beats, I found one that I like and slapped it into a track. All is well.

Then I went around and found a fill, and did the same. Huzzah!

Now I know I can copy paste the original pattern if I want it again, but I'd like to find it again in the grooves list. And the grooves list is really big, and I totally don't remember wtf the DKFH name for it was. :lol:

The filename is EDF_DK_D03_01H - 01. How do I equate that to this:

So that say I was really digging "DKFH/Double Kick/Groove 1/04 Hats Open 4", and wanted to go back to it but mix it up a tad and use Groove 2. Other than, you know, paying attention (haha) is there a quick way to tell what the original pattern is?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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