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Fates Warning in Hartford,CT Tonight

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I'll be there. Anyone else going. Should be great.

I talked with Joe(Dibiase) earlier and he said that Zonder's plane had mechanical issues and he had to board another plane. They lost half his drum set but everything eventually got straightened out. Lol. Typical Fates luck.
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It was an amazing show.The place was packed and sooooo fucking hot.Got to speak briefly with the band as well as former members John Arch,Steve Zimmerman and Vic Arduni.They didn't join em even though I begged arch to sing:D They played for nearly 2 hours.
The setlist..
The whole "Parallels" lp
then..Pale Fire
Face The Fear
Nothing Left to Say
Part ? of Pleasant Shade of Gray
Daylight Dreamers
Another Perfect Day
Through Different Eyes

Like the idiot I am I left my camera at home and my Blackberry takes horrible pics.I'll get some shots from my buddy Mike in the next couple of days and will post them up..I saw a few people taking vids so I imagine they'll be up on the Tube soon.
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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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