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Bored of boredom
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Just testing the waters, maybe someone out there can take this off my hands. I'm hoping somewhere along 325 shipped, doesn't mean you can't make offers though :)
I've had good business with members:gunshow86de, templton89, and Cynic.
Mahogany body
Rosewood fb with offset dot inlays
Maple neck w/ 5+2 headstock(if that matters at all:rofl:)
Theres tiny nicks on the neck no larger than a pea, I honestly have no clue how they got there; but it was like that when I got it, the neck hasn't pulled any crazy tricks on me yet so I'd say its stable:yesway:
I've removed the dimarzio cliplocks since the pictures were taken, so if I did sell it to you, they will not included.
onto pictures..

if you want more pictures feel free to pm me :metal:

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Trade for ibanez ARC 300?

Mahogany set neck!!!
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