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Randall V2 + 5 button footswitch for sale. Very good condition, ungigged, used for a handful of rehearsals. There are a couple of VERY minor scuffs on the tolex on the rear of the head but nothing bad at all.

Basically, I'm selling this because I'm not playing out much at the moment, and I've been using my PODxt a lot for recording/headphone practice, so I figure on grabbing a small cheap 1U poweramp and using that for the few times we play live. Basically, I can't turn the Randall up enough in here to use it much.

I also have a Marshall MF400A cab, which is pretty much mint, that I will sell with the Randall if you're interested. It's rated 400 watts at 8 ohms, and sounds freaking amazing with the Randall when it's turned up, about on a par with the Orange cab at our practice space (no BS, even the guys there who record with the Orange said they couldn't hear much in it).

Prices wise, looking for about £450 for the Randall, £300 for the MF400, or £700 for the pair. I'll consider part-ex's/trades etc.

Located in Derby, UK. Can ship, would prefer to meet/exchange or deliver for petrol cost due to size and weight. Will stick some pictures up if anyone is interested.

References: Same name on w/ iTrader feedback and 200+ at 100% as 'frostskadet' on eBay.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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