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Just a feeler at the moment, but I am seriously considering selling my Pod if i get the right offer and if I can borrow a small combo amp from a mate. Unfortunately the money situation is just getting away from me at the moment, and we need the cash while me and the missus are studying... Pretty much the last piece of gear i actually have (aside from the 7420... ), so I am a touch hesitant to sell, but i think I may not have much choice.

Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: US Model Pod X3 Live. It has a US plug, but if needed in Australia it will also include a step-down transformer.

Modifications (if any): None.

Accessories (hardshell case etc): Cables, USB cable, and Step-Down Transformer if required.

Location (City,State or City,Country): Gold Coast, Australia

Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM me on here, or email me. I'm on most days.

References (eBay or other forum userid): Max, HaGGuS, Harry and MFB.

Price (include currency and if firm/obo): Looking to get $500AUD plus shipping (which will be cheap as hell within Australia) for it, but make me an offer.

Pictures: No pics yet, give me a bit and i'll try and get some up.
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