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Been trying to get my finger picking a bit more up to scratch lately as it's a technique I've always admired but never really been all that good at just because I don't practise it enough to be honest. I've seen so many good players use it to their advantage in so many different styles and situations I thought it was about time I started.

I just wondered what some of you guys recommend to improve on finger picking? Any helpful exercises or even songs that are particularly good for it?

Thanks guys :yesway:

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Hi, I propose this new technique,

Actually the speeds can get pretty fast, I want to put another
one up that is faster but I will wait a few months first and practice it more.
I do not know of any guitarist who is ahead of myself on this technique, but I hope
there is somebody else.

Watch my right hand,

the pattern on my right hand is,
middle-ring-pinky- ring-middle-index,
and this then repeats, as mrp-rmi-mrp-rmi-mrp-rmi-... or rmi-mrp-rmi-mrp-rmi-mrp-...

I may be the first to prove this technique is good,
but I theorize that I should reach speed metal picking speeds within a year.

Its maintaining the discipline of the pattern, which makes it work.
Once I had learned this pattern very well, I can now improvise without
thinking about my right hand and my hand will do this automatically.

The standard finger-picking technique, is, rmi-rmi-rmi-rmi-rmi-...,
and only on the open A and E strings. Or maybe rmip-rmip-rmip-rmip-... on the open strings.
The mrp roll is almost as easy as the rmi roll commonly used by classical guitarists.

In the video you can see I have transferred this to fretted strings.

I am not using my thumb because it doesnt have a part to play which would
increase the efficiency of this type of engine.

The most difficult thing is to throw in that power-diad, at the end of the scale,
I recommend always doing that when practicing scales. It is difficult at first
to mix in those power chords with the speed picking. I am picking along going mrp-rmi-...,
then all of a sudden I have to throw in a power diad plucked with 2 fingers at the same time,
then resume the speed picking.

In this video, the final flourish at the end of the scale I picked using my middle and ring fingers,
they seem to be the best to use for mixing in with the speed picking technique.
There should be a flourish at both ends, but I forgot one of them in the video.

In order to accomplish this technique, I spent alot of time doing 2-finger picking
like a bass player, except I would do index-middle, middle-ring, and ring-pinky.
Bass players are already out there using index and middle on fretted strings.
Once you can do middle-ring and ring-pinky without thinking about your right hand,
then you are ready to begin practicing this technique using mrp-rmi.

This kind of dexterity also makes it easy to do 3-string plucks, and
a sort of clawing and raking kind of thing, both without thinking about your right hand.

This kind of thing will take some time to learn, it is also exotic, if anyone is teaching
what I showed you here please let me know.

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:lol: Maybe I'm missing something, but that seems very similar to what my professor told me. ...DoorMouse, not you Stealth. Get outta there and stop typing more quickly than me.

Anywho... Learn you some flemanco. Seriously.

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I think there is alot of applicability of different kinds of traditional music towards heavy metal, I get disappointed by the bridging of two worlds type of presentation, traditional music has alot of straight metal riffs that just need distortion added and traditional bands have really great vocalists.

If no one else posts stuff, you can find guitar teachers on the internet, I dont teach, I posted what I have about finger picking, make sure and get a teacher who will correct your hand posture.
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