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I haven't seen these mentioned on here, so I thought that some of you might be interested in them. They're a Finnish company making guitars out of a material they call Flaxwood.

What is flaxwood exactly?
Flaxwood is an innovative new tone material that is created by breaking the grain structure of natural wood and injection-molding it into shape together with an acoustically sensitive binding agent.
Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to try one of them, but they look stunning. They also just seem to offer a single body style.

Flaxwood - Intro

Flaxwood - FAQ


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I've played a couple through a Mark V, a Roadster, an Electrodyne, and a Stiletto Ace (can you tell I was testing Mesas?)

To be honest, they seem well built, but the tone was a bit thin on the two I tried. It just didn't seem to have the life to it that I expected. I much preferred the tone of my JS2000 through the same amps.
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