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If the action of the guitar is too low, when you use the tremolo arm to raise the pitch of the strings, there will be a buzz sound because the strings will make contact with frets they aren't supposed to make contact with. Because of this you are unable to have a very low action if you plan to raise the pitch of a note with the tremolo arm.

Right now I'm adjusting the action of my guitar which has a Floyd Rose. I know the action can't be too low, but I have a question: How high should it be? To figure this out I came up with another question: How many semitones up should the tremolo arm be able to raise? If the latter question is answered the former question will be more or less answered too.

P.S. I play metal and extreme metal.

P.S.2. If you could give me examples of songs where the pitch is raised with the tremolo arm it would be awesome.
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