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This guitar is in great condition, it comes with:

- A caliberated Nailbumb's set, covered.
- Original Seymour Duncan Pickups.
- Extra Neck pickup ring
- Another set of pickup rings, in black(so you can get the guitar to the stock look).
- High Quality Mono strap.
- Framus Strap locks and User Kit.
- Warwick Hardshell case.

*** The guitar just had a setup and fret levelling. Fresh Elixir 9-46+56.

Important note: I've had an issue with Framus not having replacement pickup rings since my original ones broke but a local tech slightly modified the existing wholes to fit the new Original Framus rings - they fit the guitar 100%.

He also modified the neck ring a bit to fit the BKP cover (although the bridge pup was a perfect fit) - therefor I'm including a new cream neck ring + another set of rings in black(Will have these here in a week).


I'm known here and as trippled, bought and sold quiet a lot, I've also traded from a user from harmony central named dougzee.

Ebay user: maordan
Paypal: [email protected]


I live in Israel, we'll split shipping price so it should be around 100-125$ for you.

Price: 2000$ OBO.


N-G-D!-!-! (Pics + Video review) -

You can also check my Ebay listing too for more current pics though they're poor quality.

Framus Panthera Custom 7 String W\Bkp's | eBay

HD quality pics will be uploaded this evening.

Contact Details:
Mail: [email protected] or PM.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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