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Free Arpeggio and Scale Resource PDF (400+ pages)

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Enjoy! - Patch Library - Scale and Arpeggio Resources: A Guitar Encyclopedia

This is the most complete book of guitar scales and arpeggios ever written.

It's truly massive: more than 400 large pages packed with diagrams, analysis and explanations. Of course it includes all the basic, common scales you need to play rock, blues, jazz and so on, but also a vast number of exotic resources for you to experiment with and use to develop your own unique sounds. Many of these have never or hardly ever been used before.

A very thorough chapter on scale theory is included: it provides a solid foundation and ensures you'll never again be confused about modes, the most useful but also most misunderstood concept in modern guitar theory. I use this as the basis for most of my theoretical teaching with students who are ready for single-note work.

The complete electronic version of this book is provided FREE by the publisher under a creative commons license. Please seed and share at will, and consider supporting the author by buying a paper copy if you like it.
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If you're hard up for compositional ideas, each page also doubles as the tab for a deathcore song.
From the first page I realized this is typeset in Latex. As someone who writes as much as possible in Latex I thought, "I'm going to like this."

sick! thank you
Thanks for posting!
That IS pretty awesome. :yesway:
Awesome man! Thanks for posting! A loooot of information in here!
Just wondering where to download this, I need a book like this for a student. Thanks
Just wondering where to download this, I need a book like this for a student. Thanks
If you click on the link to the page, right above the comments box in bold, white text it says "Download Scale & Arpeggio Resource" and there's a little double-arrow icon next to it
I just skimmed a little bit of it. This is exactly what I need. Thanks a lot. :yesway:
Thank you for posting this tome.
Seriously appreciate this
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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