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i graduate in december, i completely understand what you're saying. One of the reasons i got them now instead of later in my career is because i only have access to the 25% discount until i graduate. My house will be rebuilt by the time i graduate and i have more than enough money in the bank to rent it out from my mom and live for a few years without work. I plan on buying gear that is "biggest bang for its buck" and only what i need(no ssl, neve or icon).

I am more of a live sound engineer but i will not limit myself to what kind of audio engineering i do. i do have 3 well paying gigs within the next year and having a contract written through an entertainment lawyer. i will not say what they are because people will just flame this thread even more and go even more off topic to the thread topic. This industry is all about who you know, etc.

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EngineerTrav said:
i would have bought guitars because i get a guitar center discount. but i dont have any room for that stuff.
Fuck that. Good mics and good acoustic treatment trump the shit outta guitars in a studio
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