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So, I decided to go back and listen to my old band, after not hearing those songs for 6+ months, and it was interesting.

Note: I'm keeping the band's name out of this thread so that they won't stumble upon this by googling :lol:

But what was really interesting, was rediscovering some of the stuff that most people didn't hear, and I thought some of you guys would find these interesting.

First up, for those who liked the band, but didn't like the vocals, here's an instrumental version of a track from our first EP, which we used when we were looking for a new singer:

Next up is an alternate mix of a song from our first EP. He did this at the same time as he sent us the instrumental tracks we asked for, to show us what he was hoping to do for our album. Overall sounds much clearer, and the clean section in the middle sounds closer to how I always wanted it to sound:

Next is an un-mixed track from the first EP, no sample replacement or editing at all. Sounds really raw, but I love the way my bass sounds on it, and overall captures more of what we really sounded like in the jam space or on stage:

And finally, here's a fun one. This was a song that ended up on the full-length they just released, it's now called "Prelude", but this was the version with our old singer on it, back when the song was called "Soil". This was how we played it on tour, and I love the way the middle section turned out. It was also the last song I used my Jazz Bass on with that band, tuning down the B-string to F# for the 2 riffs that needed it :lol:

(if any links don't work right away, it's because I just uploaded them, and you know how soundcloud is some days)
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