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FS: Custom Chrome DiMarzio Illuminator 7 Bridge (Special Order / One-of-a-Kind)

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For Sale: Selling my special-order, one-of-a-kind chrome-topped DiMarzio Illuminator 7 Bridge pickup. It's unused / unopened, and this particular configuration can't be bought anywhere.

I ordered 2 of these at the DiMarzio booth at NAMM. Since I'm otherwise nobody special I paid a whopping $180 (each) for the privilege of having it custom made. I originally ordered 2 for a very specific guitar and have kept this one as a spare, but realize now that I really don't need it... and probably never will.

Price: Asking $150 (U.S. dollars) obo, which will include UPS Ground shipping and insurance to anywhere in the U.S.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Contact Info: Please contact me here.

References: I'm "webmaestro" on and, and "webmaestro1" on ebay.

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This little guy is still available.
Reminder: price is OBO, not firm, so send some offers my way.
If anyone's hesitant because they don't want mismatched pickups, I have a matching (also mint/unboxed) Ionizer 7 Neck pickup that I'm willing to sell as well. I had both created at the same time, to be used together.

If you're interested in buying both (so you have matching pups), just message me and make an offer.

I'm willing to cut a really good deal to let both go.
Another bump. This is still available (as is the matching chrome Ionizer 7 neck).
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