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Will ship in the USA (shipping charges will be applied):
Fender Squier Vintage Modified Fretless Jazz bass (sunburst) $150
Ibanez RG7321 guitar (black) $275
1997 Ibanez RG550 maple fretboard (black) - SOLD THANKS LEE!
ESP SC607 guitar (rare sunburst) - HELD FOR PENDING LOCAL SALE
PRS SE Paul Allender guitar w/ Schaller locking tuners (discontinued quilted purple burst) - SOLD THANKS LEE!
Mesa 2x12 Recto cab w/ Eminence Swamp Thang speakers (cab rated 300w @ 8 ohms) $400
Gallien Krueger MB2-500 bass amp (weight 3lbs. 12ozs.) $400
Carvin DCM1500 poweramp (clean, transparent power & loud as hell) $275

Local sale only:
Line 6 Vetta 4x12 cab $275
Ampeg 6x10 bass cab $600


Wanted for possible trades:
Gibson Les Paul
Steinberger M series (or Spirit GU series)
7-strings (Ibanez Universe, RG1527M, S series, RGA7, Prestige)
8-strings (RGA8)
5-string Fender Jazz basses
5-string Spector basses
5-string acoustic bass

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If buttlick doesnt take that 550, I will. If he does, Ill take the purple PRS batman guitar thingie instead. :hsquid:

I need fodder for family rockband night that can withstand the rigors of drumsticks, flying chocolate milk, and the occasional airborn Hotwheel. Last night I tried to do it with Skittles I, and I was having to bust Neo moves to avoid damage as the kids got a little excited.

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Gear whores in training. :lol:

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I suppose those black guitars are on your floor because they don't deserve a spot on your wall?

And are loaded with Blazes?
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