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FS: VT Bass DI, MXR Badass OD, Dunlop DVP3, Konnekt 6 Interface

Hate to do this but something just came up.

References: iTrader

VT Bass DI - $160 - I prefer this over the Darkglass stuff (I had a B7K). Has a built-di and also has the bite switch which makes it smooth out. Works great on guitar for DOOM.

Konnekt 6 - $80 (Comes with Power Supply but no Firewire cable) This is a sweet interface but I got a deal of a lifetime on a high end one so this has to go. Here is a review of it and how it stacks up to the competition.

Dunlop Volume X (DVP3) - $75

ISP Decimator - $old

MXR Badass OD - $50
Best fucking boost for your high gain amp under a $100
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