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FS is an Agile Texan with case. Its in great condition, never gigged with it before. It saddens me to sell this actually as I love how it sounds and plays, but I need the funds for some 6 strings Fast, this Country gig is starting sooner than expected. As for specs:
25.5" scale
HEAVY Swamp Ash body
Maple neck/fretboard
"C" neck profile
Bolt on
22 Frets
2 single coils
3 way blade, vol, tone controls

It is a Tele exactly plus a string, designed by our very own Darren actually. :yesway:

The ONLY issue it has is the bridge saddles like to lower themselves, you can either do like me and replace the bridge saddles, or Darren told me there is an adhesive you can use to fix this.

I'm asking $450 shipped (with case)

I will consider trades for a Schecter PT, G&L Tribute guitar, Tele With Reversed headstock, Strat with reversed headstock, would probably be interested in any Tele or Strat that isn't a fender.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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