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Time to thin the herd some, or make a trade for something I'd play a bit more.

First up is a '91 Charvel Predator, about 7.5/10 condition.

Basswood body
Bolt-on 22-fret Maple Neck w/ Rosewood fretboard
EMG S in the neck, SD Blackout in the bridge.
Frets are about at 95%, I don't have a heavy touch.

this is a player, and is not in mint condition by any stretch. Plays like butter, though, and I'll set it up however you want.

Second is a Schecter C-1 Blackjack. about 9/10 condition-wise, a small nick on the tip of the headstock, and a clearcoat scratch that can be buffed out, though I didn't care to.

Mahogany body
Maple Set-neck with Rosewood fretboard and Abalone inlays.
Cream binding on Body + Neck.
SD JB in the bridge, SD '59 in the neck.
Frets are at about 95%, again, not brand-new, but I don't play hard.
Just set up with 10-47 strings, polished and oiled neck.

Outright sale for $350 each, but would prefer to trade. Things that are pointy are a good sell (Explorers, Vs, Stars, no MLs/Razorbacks), but I'd prefer (but do not require) a fixed bridge. Sale price includes a Hardshell case. As for trades, you get a case if your axe has one.

Here are my Craigslist pics, I have nicer ones not uploaded.

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