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Gator GPT-PRO Pedal board and bag - £40
It's seen some action, but is in good overall condition. Bag is tatty and one of the zips doesn't work, but you can still close it with the other zip. Deep pockets for all your leads etc. A gator power supply can be mounted to the bottom, nice and neat. I do have one, but it's a little buzzy, you're welcome to it for another £15. Postage would be quite a bit as it's large/heavy, a tenner maybe.

Morley Bad Horsie II - £65
Great wah. It's got some real deep options to change the contour and the volume level. Definitely a different sound from a classic crybaby, larger sweep and more pronounced. Optic on/off so it senses when you step on the pedal and engages it, and turns itself off when step off. Perfect live companion.

Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble - £45
Lovely deep chorus, nuff said.

Boss NS-2 noise gate - £45
Industry standard noise gate.

Dr Tone Analogue Delay - £15
Possibly the shittest name for a piece of musical gear ever conceived. But it's a lush delay. A copy of an MXR Carbon Copy, but a very good one at that.

Maxon OD808 - £65
Industry standard overdrive. Gives any amp a tight boot up the arse.

All stuff is in perfect working but well-loved used condition. Marks/scuffs, but everything in tact.


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