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Aah. Rickenbacker was a surprise, I didn't even know GC had Fortin. I've honestly never even seen a Fortin amp, or known anyone who's had one.

I hope GC doesn't go under. I don't really shop there but the last time I went in, the one near me was full of young kids jamming out and making that cool cacophony of noise that is part of the guitar store vibe. I hate it as an adult because I'm old and boring but I loved it as a kid, it made me want to play.

If GC goes down, I don't think it'll be mom and pop stores that take it's place. It'll be Amazon. :\
They put one in about 100 yards from a high school a couple years ago down here, after 3pm each day it's a mad house in there. If I have to go there, I'll get there by at least 2pm, but occasionally I've been in when the after-school rush comes and as annoying as it is, it makes me smile with a "some things never change" mentality.
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