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So Google ordered a Cease and Desist against CyanogenMod, which is a custom ROM for Android devices (30,000+ users apparently). Google has said that they are pro custom ROMs but not in this case, because CyanogenMod includes closed source apps provided by Google, such as Gmail, GoogleMaps, YouTube and Google voice. (Which if uninstalled from an Android device, are redownloadable from the Market for free)

Google Sends Cease & Desist Order To CyanogenMod ? | Android Central

And Google's response:

Google Discusses Cease & Desist Order to CyanogenMod | Android Central

It doesn't affect me, but I thought it was interesting, since while they are technically right, Android OS is promoted for its openness, and this seems more of a technicality than anything, which Google could have easily overlooked given the low impact it has on them as a company.

Others however, are feeling the affects worse than I am...

(That's for the majority of you who probably don't care about this crap :lol: )
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