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GOTM August 2009 - Brian's Bowes Carvetop Seven String

Congratulations to Brian for winning Guitar of the Month for August 2009!

This month's winner is interesting, because it was actually built, by hand, by the owner. Congratulations to Brian and his Bowes Carvetop 7!

Specs: 1.5 inch body - .75 inch wenge cap on .75 inch ash core, carved down to 1 inch at the edges. Maple/purpleheart/maple/purpleheart/maple w/ wenge splice neck.
25 fret, 26 inch scale birdseye maple fretboard.
Two custom high output Nordstrand pickups. Asymmetrical neck carve, rounder on the treble side.

Click on any thumbnail to view the full size image.

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