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I just registered today and I wanted to say hello to everyone. I found this forum a few days ago and felt the need to register. It's been very informative and eye opening for me so far :)

Here is my story! I think it's a bit long lol

I'm from Cyprus (obviously). I'm sure some of you are wondering WTF is that? :rofl: I've been playing guitar for 15 years now, I'm pretty much self taught, at least as far as playing metal is concerned. My rhythm playing is good but I can't tackle a solo to save my life. I went to a teacher for a year or so when I was starting out and then I quit because I thought the things he was teaching me at the time was just pure BS!! He was into blues/jazz and me being a teenager back then I was discovering metal so I had that "Fuck you, that ain't metal!" attitude going and I disregarded a lot of stuff because all I wanted to do was to play Metallica songs. So I quit and I grabbed the guitar and started doing that. Little did I know years later down the road I would realize that I should have followed through.

I was never really serious about guitar even though I'm REALLY passionate about it and music in general. All I wanted was to have fun and play my fave songs and bang my head! I pretty much never sat down and practiced any patterns/scales/licks/etc. I always had the urge to improve but never could sit down and practice stuff like that as it felt really boring. I mean why would I sit down and do boring stuff for an hour or two or ten when I could sit down and learn how to play Number of the Beast?! That was my logic then as I just wanted to play songs from my fave bands! I thought just by doing that I would improve. I was improving slowly and very marginally but I was happy with that because I could play songs like Master of puppets, Blackened, Symphony of Destruction, South of Heaven, etc. We made a cover band with a few of my friends and actually played live twice! Then ppl had to either go overseas for studies or join the army so it didn't last more than a few months.

A few years after I started out I began composing/recording and started a band and begun writing music together. I was forced to start playing the drums since there weren't many drummers around in my little island who were into metal back then and I was dedicated to get this band going. There's very few people who are into metal here even though the numbers have been going up for the past 5 years, albeit very slowly. The scene is pretty much non existent so we only played a handful of shows. Because of that the other guys in the band slowly started losing interest and the band eventually broke up. It hurt me deeply because even though I tried hard and learned how to play the drums, all my efforts were going nowhere. I was deeply disappointed so I went back to my lone guitar playing improvising and writing and recording without bothering to practice.

After about a couple of years I got a real job and my time was quite limited and I wasn't playing as much as I used to. Also I really got into online video games which made the guitar more like a hobby (I know I have sinned). Women also played a big part of it as well :yesway:

Fast forward today... I've been striving to get better and have been playing as much as I can for the past year. I feel like I'm a lot better than 2 years ago but I still feel that I'm not as good as I wanna be. There's a lot of things I wanna be doing with my playing (like playing decent leads!) which I can't do right now because I'm not good enough yet.

I've been saving to get a new rig for a few months now and I'm very close to getting it! New guitar, new amp new everything! It will almost be like a new start so I'm pretty excited about it. I'm determined now to sit down and 'grind' through whatever I need to, to get to the point that I'll be happy with my playing. I thought it would be a good idea to prepare some basis to start on before I get my new toys. I started looking for guitar lessons/tips online and then I stumbled on this forum!

...and voila! Here I am, ready to learn new things, determined to get better and above all, to have a good time! See you on the forums! :metal:

P.S. Sorry if this is too much info lol. I felt like letting ppl know where I come from!

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What part of Cyprus are you from? I lived by Larnaca for about 3 years.
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