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So, all artist, album, song names and years/dates are masked...
Each "winner" gets to post another album/live review and so on!

I start with this one, it's a live review:

Halfway between a rock show and an all-out bar fight, ********** brought his band to the **** last ****** night for a set of the most crude and violent masochistic excess possible without getting arrested.

****** wasted no time getting down to business, opening the show by defecating on stage and hurling most of his shit out into the audience, smearing what was left over his genitals and thighs. When he wasn't singing he kept himself busy with the microphone, repeatedly bashing it into his forehead until he drew blood and, at one point, sticking it a good two or three inches up his ass. Halfway into the first song, "******" he threw his mike stand about 20 feet out from the stage, almost knocking an unwary fan unconscious.

In fact, he pretty much threw everything he could get his hands on into the audience, from barstools to himself. The audience seemed to feed off this energy, and at times there were as many as four or five fistfights going on in front of the stage. The only serious injury, however, was to ******* potential NEA grant status.

******** himself, however, looked somewhat worse for wear. He still had bandages over various parts of his body, and was virtually covered with scars. These were apparently vestiges of a ******* performance that injured him badly enough to postpone the originally scheduled ****** night show while he rested up in the hospital. "Most bands wouldn't have even played after just getting out of the hospital," he said. "We wanted to get our fuckin' money."

********* had vowed to commit suicide onstage in ******** of ****, but a recent two-year incarceration in the ****** State Penitentiary forced him to postpone the date to ****** of ******.

There's a good chance he'll be coming back through before then, for those of you who missed the show. "I'm going to tour 'til I die," he told a small group of fans afterward. "What else is there?"

Asked if his performances had changed since his incarceration, he replied: "They're more intense. I'm a lot more dangerous now than before I went to jail."

OK, go ahead :flex:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts