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Hand of Death
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I know that musicians interested in playing in an all originals project are pretty scarce around these parts, especially those interested in playing the abundance of notes and changes in the music we've been writting, but that being said I figure it can't hurt to ask.

We are a group of musicians ranging age from late 20's to mid 30's consisting of a drummer, keyboard player and rhythymn/lead guitar player. We have been composing some extremely ecclectic music, incorporating elements of Jazz,Fusion,Latin,Funk and a shitload of Metal. I assure you this is a very orginal sound for this area but if you really need something to reference it to then you the best I could tell you is it's a blend of bands like Return to Forever, Planet X, Dream Theater, Circus Maximus, Adagio, Suspyre, Meshuggah and Living Colour.....whew.

Here's what we're looking for;

Guitarist: Must be comfortable playing both lead and rhythymn(Hell, I'd prefer if you were better than me), able to tune to the key of B(If you do not own a 7 string that's fine as long as you're at least ok with tuning your 6 to B and having it set up to handle the change.........ABSOLUTELY NO DROP TUNING....PLAY YOUR CHORDS DAMNIT ;)). Must have professional equipment and transportation, whereas we plan to practice at least 2-3 times a week in Cheektowaga. Must have a decent grasp of music theory(you don't have to be a Berkley graduate, just have a firm grasp of how the material fits together, odd time signatures,etc.). Must be able to contribute as a writer(This group is a culmination of every member of the group and as such you should at least try to contribute to the tapestry as it were).

Bassist: Well.....pretty much the same criteria as the guitarist........just fewer strings :) .

We tenatively have a vocalist but he has not informed us as of yet to the level he is willing to commit to this project so we may or may not be in search of a vocalist. If you are a vocalist and you think you can swing this kind of music feel free to contact us(You never know). However, be aware that the criteria for the vocalist will be far more stringent than for the other "instruments". The thing that has caused a great many Prog bands to fail is a vocalist who was sub-par to the rest of the band. This will not be the case here. We don't care if you sing R&B, Soul, Latin, whatever, just sing it well and have an ear for pitch and control over your range.

I realize that we are asking a great deal but if not us, who and if not now, when? Feel free to contact us and have someway for us to hear examples of your work or be prepared to come to my studio in North Buffalo and show us what you can do. We greatly appreciate everyones interest.
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