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Guys, :)

For the first time in my life of 25 years old, I have a girlfriend, Madison Hall. I love her to pieces! She is amazing!
She acts, models, has a deep love for people and knows how to make a special moments over and over. <3

You will also be proud to know I have ruined her with Whitesnake and her favorite track is "The Deeper the Love" and regularly puts on "Slide It In." :lol: No it's not what you think. :rofl:

She bought me that Whitesnake CD in Wal-Mart she found. The one that features Vanderburg and Vai.

Anyway, she has went off to Mexico for a bit and I decided to make her a mix tape, right? So then I had the idea, why don't I take one of her favorite songs and throw some guitar/solos over the top of it and call it my "musical love note" at the end of the mixtape.

Well. I decided to show it to her and without embarrassing her. We'll just say she really, really, really loved it and I got plenty of kisses later, so... :)

Anyway, I hope you guys get a kick out of it and enjoy it.
I love this young woman and I love having her around. She comes to all my practices and shows and I don't even ask her to.

She just supports me that much and I cannot thank her enough for all the love.

Yes. There is one shred part of course and it happens at 3:23. ;)

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If you're going to wait 25 years for a girl, I'd say she's a good one to hold out for, man! :metal:

I'm at work at the moment but I'll listen tonight!
She just fits me the best. :)

Thanks Drew and I appreciate the support!

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I bet you have. :jj:

Congrats, you stud!
:rofl: I am dead...

Funny enough guys, I am actually saving myself for marriage. Just throwing that out there and not to get too personal.

Thank you Sir!

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Great playing!

She's wearing a Star Wars shirt, so she's a keeper.

Congrats to you. I wish you nothing but the best in this relationship!

Nothing wrong with that. That's what I did and I don't regret it one bit.
Cheers man! :) All my friends who have done so, tell me the same.

Wait a second. I'm older than you?
Apparently, so. Haha.

And there it is, we've finally found someone on MG that hasn't shagged Flexkill's mom. :jj:

Congrats dude. :lol: Glad to hear all's going well. Now grow your hair back out!
:lol: Thanks man and of course! It's on the way. ;-)))

congrats man, very happy for you!
Cheers D!

No worries, I'll happily pick up the slack for you! (just not with her, of course!)

Does she play too, or is that her just holding one of your guitars?
:lol: Nah. I walked away to go take care of something while soundcheck was happening at a gig and I came back to that glorious view of my number one guitar being held by my number one woman. ;)

But apparently she has always wanted to learn and was scared to ask me if I would teach her. :lol:

Holy fuck dude are you serious? Why? Did she put you up to this?
Hahahahahahahahahah! :lol: No Sir! This was just me showing my love for her. She had no idea I could record and etc.
One day I will learn a Whitesnake song to play for her all the way.

I am thinking maybe, "Slide it In" or "Ready An' Willin'" for our honeymoon if we get married? What do you think?

Well, this was one of the easier wanks I've had lately. Thanks dude.


This thread is now headed where I originally thought it would go!

My sincere condoleances. :(
:lol: Y'all funny.
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