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Hello Everyone!

My name is Matt and, for some reason, it took me forever to finally set up an account here. However, I'm here now and am looking forward to having another place on the internet where I can procrastinate by reading interesting stuff about metal and guitars.

I have been a member of for a while and posted a project I have been working on and would love feedback from people over here. I am having a solid state amplifier head being custom built for me. It has taken almost a year just to find someone who can do it. Now we're (Tom the engineer and I) are at the point where will soon be producing a 10-15 watt version of the prototype/beast.

I am starting a thread on this here on MetalGuitarist in case you didn't see it on SevenString. I look forward to hanging out around here and seeing what you guys think of my project :metal:
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