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Hate floydrose floating trem? would it make it a great hardtail with MODS?

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I've had this Floyd Rose equipped seven string ESP Guitar for quite some time, when I first got it I used it quite a bit but soon was annoyed with the tuning and the heavy strings always falling out of the saddles while playing. So I bought another guitar and didn't touch the Floyd Rose guitar for a few years.
Finally I got this idea to make it a hardtail and to get rid of the annoying string clamp style bridge. I used 2x stacks of 3 nickels superglued together and Mini Jenga wood block And a few razor blades to fine adjust the angle of the bridge And now it's my favorite guitar all over again.

Next and last mod is to get locking tuners, not that it goes out of tune, cuz it hardly ever goes out of tune, just would be a nice touch

Have any of you guys tried or seen this?
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That's a really cool modification you made to your guitar! It's great that you were able to find a solution to the tuning and string-saddle issues you were experiencing with the Floyd Rose bridge. The use of stacked nickels and a Jenga block is a creative way to achieve a hardtail setup, and it's awesome to hear that it has made the guitar enjoyable to play again. Adding locking tuners is a smart move too - it's always good to have that extra stability and precision in tuning. Sounds like you have a really unique and personalized instrument now.
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